Destiny Over Adversity

It has been over seven years.

In between the cyclical routines of life, I still have random moments of surreality in which I reflect. I reflect on the fact that by God’s divine providence, the destinies of two high school sweet hearts from Sand Mountain collided and somehow merged into the overcrowded streets of Kolkata, India.  I reflect on destiny.

As much as we were in awe of the sheer beauty of the countryside, the majesty of the Taj Mahal, and appreciative of the history of the Victoria Memorial…As phenomenal as it was to the visit the home and burial place of Mother Teresa, it wasn’t why we had come to the alluring country of India.  It was destiny.

So when I reflect, I reflect on that moment where the most beautiful 13 month old Bengali boy I have ever seen was carried through an office doorway and transferred into our care forever.  It was all about destiny.

Even with the obvious recognition and understanding of what this process was about, reflection has not always come easily. In fact, only recently have I allowed myself to briefly wander into the past to actually reflect.  People tend to avoid places of adversity, even if (especially if) it’s in their own mind. It is amazing how good memories and joyful moments can effortlessly give way to the fog of overwhelming pain if we let it.

The process of adoption can be a long and lonely road.  The road can often be bumpy and confusing, leaving you tail spinning and wondering where the road actually is.  It can jar and jolt all the passengers with such force that it feels as though you are driving on bare rims and half the car is in the ditch. To further compound things is the destiny destroying land mines buried below the surface and covered with a thin layer of chalk dirt, obviously planted there by Satan himself.

As a family, we have quietly endured our share of adversity. We have went toe to toe with the forces of hell, sometimes (often times) feeling like we took the beating in the process. We have chipped away at stone only to recognize our own need of chiseling.

Sometimes the process to progress is so slow-moving that it appears to have completely stalled out.  However, when you step back and adjust your perception, you realize that it’s not that progression isn’t occurring, it’s that the object being moved is so massive that it can appear as though it hasn’t budged.

It is only natural to be frustrated at “almost” invisible progress, but we all must continue to be okay with the fact that even if you have only moved a centimeter beyond your starting point, it is STILL progress.

Destiny is like that. It can be a large and slow moving object.  It’s glacier-like ways make it an easy target for adversity. However, “what the enemy means for evil, God means it for good” (Gen 50:20). As children of God, “no weapon formed against us shall prosper…This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord (Is 54:17)”.

The enemy of our soul intends to blind us with the fog of failures, struggles, condemnation, and pain.  He wants us to focus on our weakness. So we fight. Not that we have any strength in ourselves, but that Jesus is our strength. He fights for us. We fight by resting. We fight the fog with piercing rays of thankfulness. We must actively pursue those easily evasive moments of joy.

This is about destiny. Destiny always comes with adversity. It is understood. But as children of the Most High God, our destinies will NOT be sidetracked by adversity. Adversity only serves to prove the greatness of God and His plans.

We showed up in a country of over 1.2 billion people because of the destiny of one.  The One who sees the end AND the beginning intertwined the sinews of our hearts with a far away land because of one. His one. We were there because of destiny…our family’s destiny.

Throughout the up’s and down’s of life, the Groundhog days, the fun days and the boring ones, it is easy to lose sight of why we are all here.  It is easy to allow the varied adversities we all face each day to win out for first place position in our thoughts.  But as we reflect on the greatness and sovereignty of God we are reminded that destiny will ultimately win out over adversity.