I’m a Sheep

I’m just a messy sheep…
I don’t have to perform perfectly and get it right everytime. I can’t. My security is not sustained by my own efforts, but by Christ’s blood. Thankfully, all that is required of me is to follow the shepherd.
I’m just a sheep.  I am defenseless and completely dependent upon the Shepherd. My feeble attempts to run and hide from problems get me nowhere. I’ve tried that, it doesn’t work. 

I’m easily distracted and hopelessly helpless. Sometimes when a storm comes, the darkness of night falls, or I find myself in Death Valley, I lose sight of my Shepherd. But then I listen closely…His voice beckons me back to Himself and I am safe. There is peace and rest. 

I’m mostly afraid to drink from lively and fast flowing streams of water…He knows this about me, so He leads me beside the still waters and lets me quench my thirst there.  

He always has my best interest at heart. Most times I have NO clue where He is leading me. What I do know is what the back of His heels look like. I watch them closely and I move forward with Him. 

One step at a time I trust His guidance. I’m just a messy sheep. I don’t know any other way to live.