Absolute Surrender

My office sits mere feet from one of my heroes of “The Faith”.  He is the father of the Pastor of my church.  From time to time I will drop in and just pray that through osmosis some of the wisdom and ability to memorize scripture will somehow rub off on me.  I’m just kidding of course, but seriously, I know the importance learning and taking lessons from men and women who have fought the good fight and have some battle scars to show for it.

A few weeks ago on a random visit, we somehow wandered down a rabbit trail and began to talk about some of the great evangelists, teachers, pastors, and writers of centuries past.  I told him how I was interested in reading some original literature from a few of these men but hadn’t yet.  Names like D.L. Moody, Tozer, and Vance Havner came up.  Then he mentioned the name Andrew Murray.  I had heard the name but had never read anything he had written.  He then stood up from his chair, walked over to his admirable library of books and stooped over with his mind set on one specific book.  He said, “This book, anybody who calls themselves a Christian ought to read once a year.”  The book was “Absolute Surrender”, by Andrew Murray.

I took the book home upon his recommendation and over the next couple of weeks read it.  Slowly.  Deliberately.  I wanted to make sure it all sank in.  It was exactly what I needed for this specific time in my life and God spoke to me through it.   In my next blog post I want to share something that really captured my attention in a sobering way and will hopefully capture someone else’s.  In the meantime check out this link.  Worldinvisible.com posted the book in it’s entirety here:  http://www.worldinvisible.com/library/murray/absolutesurrender/contents.htm