The Love Projects

Over the past number of years my wife and I have been impacted by a number of ministries outside of our own local church body.  More specifically we have a great interest in the areas of orphan care, international evangelization, and seeing met the most basic needs of “the least of these”.

I believe that to most effectively change lives it begins with Jesus.  Organizations that pair The Gospel with a consistent, physical presence, and who demonstrate a high level of commitment to the people to whom they are ministering, will have the most success relative to making an impact for the Kingdom of God.

There are four types of poverty:  Spiritual, Economic, Social, and Physical.  Every one of these needs should be addressed, particularly with children.   Organizations I respect most highly have displayed that they place a great amount of importance on these needs.

With that being said, I felt like I needed to somehow promote some of these projects that I am familiar with.  Some of them are very well known and the others most people will have never heard of.  Either way, I want to open eyes to the fact that we have an opportunity to partner with some “Love Projects” already on the ground and doing the work of the Lord.  We may not be able to physically go everywhere we would like, but we can support one or more of these projects via prayer AND with our finances.   Therefore, I created the website which I really just want to serve as a conduit.  I just want to highlight organizations that have a proven themselves to me and show you where to find them.   My plan is to find others and add them along the way as well.



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