Manic Monday

Make it two manic Monday mornings in a row.  Two wild Mondays where I have been rushing to get where I need to go and begin things that need to be completed.  Two Mondays where I really just wanted to put my head down, walk quickly, and hope I didn’t see any long-winded person that wanted to talk.  I had a list of items that needed to be checked off.

So what happens???  For two consecutive Mondays I have had a homeless person waiting for me outside my car door at two random places where I need to either get in the car or get out.  The first instance involved a lady asking me to help her find a job as I exited my car in the Starbucks parking lot.  It really caught me off guard because I have never really been asked that question by a random person.  Anyway, I ended up buying her a cup of coffee and she seemed pretty happy with that.

The next Monday I was really pressing because a number of things I had on my schedule were back to back.  It was going to be tough for me to complete them all even if the day went perfectly. After rolling into the office and knocking out two tasks, I made my way to the car where I was then scheduled to drive 40 miles north to one of our remote campuses to do some network maintenance.  As soon as I stepped outside I discovered a very dirty and skinny older man right next to my car.  As I proceeded to get in he begins telling me he is hungry and needs to eat.  Since I work at a church who runs a food distribution center for the homeless I of course directed him to the front of the building where our church office is and told him who he needed to see, but that they wouldn’t be open until evening.  He said he already had and they gave him something to eat already.  Then I was puzzled and said, “Ok and you need something else besides that?”  He then said he gave it away to his other homeless friends.  Of course at this point I thought he just wanted some money but I don’t do that 99% of the time.  Finally, as he stood there and stared at me I looked into his eyes and felt a great compassion for him and knew that this was God setting me up.  I knew God wanted to know where my priorities were.  99 out of 100 times in the past I might have missed it, but this time I knew it.

There was no way I wasn’t going to buy this man lunch.  I then told him, I would go buy him some lunch and asked if that would be okay.  He said, “Yes!  Thank you so much Sir.”  I said, “What kind of burger do you like?”  He then gives me the exact sandwich and toppings he wants.  He also says he would like a chocolate milkshake.  I just smiled and said okay wait right here.  I jet to McDonalds and hop in the drive through line, which took 20 minutes at least.  After all was said and done he was very grateful and I was way behind schedule.  I just decided to let it go and do as much as I could and that was all I could do.

By the end of the day I had completed most everything I had scheduled.  I know God extended my time and blessed the rest of my day.  More importantly I felt like I was obedient to an assignment God had given me.  I say all of this to say, God gives us opportunities to be His hands and feet to a lost and hurting world.  We are imperfect people and we will miss opportunities that He puts in our way.  Either way, they are coming.  In my desire to please The One who gives me breath, I pray that I maintain an eternal perspective and prioritize my day around God’s assignments and not mine.  As I take care of His business first, He will see to it that my little temporary tasks are taken care of.