India Trip – Summary Video


A Couple of Weeks Later

I had to take a break from all the blogging for a few days.  There was simply too much I had to record as a way of sort of “getting my thoughts out of my system” so to speak.  I will be honest and say that after a trip like that, it is really hard to sort of reincorporate yourself back into your American lifestyle.  You know the things you have seen, the people you have met, the lives they live, their love for God, their hunger for more of Him, their contentment relative to material possessions, etc.  Then you look around at your surroundings and there is really no comparison.  To a degree it is like we exist in two different worlds.  Our limited human minds have a hard time processing all of that.

So where am I now?  At this point here are a few things I can conclude:
1- God has forever affected the way I view life (Mine and Others).
2- He has brought me to a new place spiritually.
3- He has greatly affected my appreciation for the Word of God (Bible).
4- We are monetarily wealthy in this country.  However, we were not born in the U.S. to selfishly obtain great wealth.  We are here for the benefit of others (both here and around the world) who are lost, dying, hurting, starving, hopeless, helpless, weak, desperate, orphaned, and widowed.
5- I never want to settle back into the “comfortable” life I have always known.  Following Jesus is not comfortable or safe.