Time for Liftoff

Here on the eve of a return trip to my son’s homeland I am filled with great anticipation.  There is so much anticipation about what God is going to do; not just in the lives of people we encounter along the way, but in my life as well.

In October I posted about “Reflections on Turning 30, Am I Just Living Safely”.  The answer to that question up to this point was a resounding YES.  In the last paragraph I said the following:  “The first 30 years of my life was riddled with instances of living life carefully and with self-imposed limitations.  My desire today is to trust less in my abilities, my false strength, and my limited plan for my life.  I want the next 30 years to look less like me and much more like God.  After all, is it really that big of a risk to follow God when we know He is in complete control?”.

For the past month, the enemy has given me a thousand reasons why I shouldn’t go on this trip.  This only confirms that I am in the will of God on this.  The moment I heard that this trip was being planned I felt that I was supposed to go.  I refuse to let another year of my life go by while I operate inside a safe routine that hardly impacts anyone else.

I really didn’t know who else would also be going on this trip until recently and I can not put into words how excited I am to be going with this group.  Some of these people are not just heroes of the the faith, but they are some of my heroes.

As I get ready to board the plane in a few short hours, the words of Dr. David Platt ring in my head…”We are here for a vapor, a mist.  God has left us here for the sake of others in this world. The only reason we are here right now instead of with Him, is for their sake. Which world are we going to live for?”

Time to invest in eternity.


3 thoughts on “Time for Liftoff

  1. Amy

    I am nervous and excited about 2011 ;)!!! I am so thankful that you started the year off right and are plowing the way for us! Soak in all of beautiful India for me 🙂

    We love you!

    Amy & Sim

  2. Brandee

    Just read your blog and I will be praying for you. What an amazing servant you’ve become! I am so glad to call you and Amy friends. Good luck!

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