A Return to India

Almost 20 months ago my wife and I visited India for the first time.  Our goal, to bring home our son whom we were adopting.  That trip and our adoption process could be recorded in its own book.  I won’t go into that here.  What I will say is this; before and during the adoption process, God began to spiritually knit our hearts with a country and a people residing on the opposite side of the world.

We fell in love with an ancient civilization full of beautiful and humble people.  We invested time reading about the culture, the food, the religions, the traditions, the history, the heroes, and the struggles.  The more we consumed, the more connected we felt.  Over time, our love of the people of India has continued to grow.  As I reflect back on our trip I think of how eye opening the whole experience was.

Our travel obligations kept us primarily in the larger cities and for the most part away from the outskirt communities where most of the people actually live.  Despite that, we still found ourselves staring poverty, injustice, and hopelessness right in the face.  The life we live in the United States suddenly felt like a distant thought when we were inundated with all of the sights, sounds, and smells around us.  It was so foreign to my American eyes that it took a bit of time to adjust.  By the time I finally did, it was almost time to leave.

Now, after a year and a half I have an opportunity to return.  This time with a different objective.  This time, I plan to get my hands dirty and go love on people.  I’ll be traveling with a small group of people who share a similar heart for India and missions in general.  Our objective will be to connect with our resident Indian missionaries and their orphanage.  We will also be training, encouraging, and teaching leaders who are a part of churches that they oversee.  Our message will have a theme…This is your country; God specifically placed you here for this generation of people; Now go love people into a relationship with God the way Jesus instructed you.  Finally, we will be going into the villages and just serving and praying for people.  Who knows what will happen after that, but I cannot wait to see what God wants to do through it all.