Your Backups Have Failed

As an IT Professional, it is my responsibility to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data on our network.  As a result, we IT Pros may have different nightmares than other human beings.  One nightmare I have had on multiple occasions is related to losing all of our data due to some catastrophic network failure and later discovering that my backups weren’t configured correctly.  In the dream, I freak out because I knew I had not been monitoring the error logs like I needed to and missed the warning signs.

I have provided technical support on various levels for about 8 years and have seen my share of people losing data of all sorts.  I have seen parents lose hundreds of pictures of their children because their hard drive crashed so badly that only a clean room recovery and a ton of money could retrieve the files for them.  I have seen engineers lose thousands of documents and have to start all over because they relied too heavily on a fifty dollar Maxtor hard drive.  I have even seen iPhone users who failed to sync their contacts to iTunes only to have it brick on them, resulting in the loss of over 400 contacts.

Is your data being backed up?  Do you have a Mac?  If so, are you running Time Machine?  If you are looking for a great Christmas present, consider a USB or Firewire hard drive.  Also, ask your IT department how the backup job log looks.  I bet you will get some funny responses and probably a good story or two.


Possibilities and Implications

Imagine this. You work hard to find a groove in life. You iron out all the wrinkles so the path you are on is as smooth as possible. You begin to operate within a routine that makes us Type-A’s smile. You know precisely what is coming next every day when you get up and go on with your day. Suddenly, you receive a phone call filled with possibilities and implications. That’s when your world of predictability gets rocked. You can’t believe what this could mean. Yes, it could be incredible. Yes, it could be a disaster. Yes, you may enjoy every minute of it. Yes, you may hate every second of it. You don’t know why this phone call came to rock your boat, but it did. You proceed curiously to determine its validity and purpose. That’s when the weight of it all begins to pull on your emotions and the reality of the situation becomes magnified. God where are you in all of this? What are you showing me, or teaching me? Can you please make the point clearly so I don’t have to rely on myself or strain to see what you are doing?

Maybe you’ve never had a situation like this in your life. I hate saying something without saying it, but I don’t have the liberty to do so at this time. I guess this is just a coded, get it off my chest post. I do know that My Father is in control and can turn my bad decisions into good ones, I just don’t want Him to have to do that. I’d like to stay on His path from the word go.