Coffee Grounds

There is no aroma that compares to a freshly brewed cup of coffee. There is just something about a perfect cup that evokes feelings of satisfaction and contentment. But, have you ever gotten those coffee grounds in the bottom of your cup of Joe??? I mean, I guess you could eat them or something and it wouldn’t hurt you, but after a velvety smooth cup of steaming coffee the last thing I want to find at the bottom is dumb coffee grounds. When I get to that part I’m done. I just chunk it in the trash. I want a 100 percent pure cup of coffee that even when I reach the bottom it’s just coffee, not something that inhibits my pleasure.

In my life, I want to be careful that I am always presentable and ready for consumption by The Connoisseur of heaven. I want to be consistently made pure, even though I am admittedly full of imperfections. I am thankful that His filter, the blood of Jesus can make me “perfect” again. I don’t want portions of my cup to be riddled with the off-putting junk that makes my life dis-pleasurable. I want the aroma and substance of my life to please The Father.


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