Coffee Grounds

There is no aroma that compares to a freshly brewed cup of coffee. There is just something about a perfect cup that evokes feelings of satisfaction and contentment. But, have you ever gotten those coffee grounds in the bottom of your cup of Joe??? I mean, I guess you could eat them or something and it wouldn’t hurt you, but after a velvety smooth cup of steaming coffee the last thing I want to find at the bottom is dumb coffee grounds. When I get to that part I’m done. I just chunk it in the trash. I want a 100 percent pure cup of coffee that even when I reach the bottom it’s just coffee, not something that inhibits my pleasure.

In my life, I want to be careful that I am always presentable and ready for consumption by The Connoisseur of heaven. I want to be consistently made pure, even though I am admittedly full of imperfections. I am thankful that His filter, the blood of Jesus can make me “perfect” again. I don’t want portions of my cup to be riddled with the off-putting junk that makes my life dis-pleasurable. I want the aroma and substance of my life to please The Father.


Rich American

Do you ever think about what life is like for people who aren’t as fortunate as we are to be born an American?  As a “Rich American” I am as guilty as the next guy about taking the blessings in my life for granted.  I find myself sitting down to consistently outstanding meals that someone in the obscurities of Rwanda could only dream about.  I drive a new car while someone in Kolkata pulls a human rickshaw by foot (I have seen this with my own eyes).  I go to sleep at night in an average American house that someone in Ethiopia would consider a castle.  I don’t even have to worry about a mosquito bite killing me.  You get the point.  Why is it so easy to allow ourselves to maintain a steady diet of self absorption?  Why is it so easy to push the thoughts of millions around the globe suffering to the back of our mind?  Let’s be careful about taking our blessings for granted.  Let’s take some time and not just think about the hurting and the lost, but take steps toward making an impact on someone who is considered by many to be faceless and nameless.

How do I start you ask?  One way is obviously through your local church.  Most churches support missionaries or other works all around the world.  If they aren’t doing this you should take a close look at the church you attend.  Another is through an incredible and trustworthy organization called Compassion International (  If you’ve never heard of it, go online and check it out for yourself.  Obviously there are hundreds of other ways to bless someone else.  These are two specific ways that I have enjoyed blessing someone else.  Let’s just not allow ourselves to live our lives ungratefully.  Let’s think of others and count our blessings.